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13 hours ago

Larry Graham

This says Columbian on it, it's Porter though isn't it? ... See MoreSee Less

This says Columbian on it, its Porter though isnt it?


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Yes its a porter

Porter. Columbian was the model named after the columbian style track that was introduced at the columbian exhibition

Cool, I'm couch picking again and it's always nice to have good info to go on, thank you all.

some also just say columbia on them

Just out or curiosity is this a rare trolley?

Love it! I just bought one recently!

As I understand it Larry there are three versions of this same trolley. This one made for the Chicago Worlds Fair, another one that has no lettering/markings and a third cast with Des Moines on it. This one being the harder one to find???

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12 hours ago

Clint Flack

Ney Hay Trolley Display table ... See MoreSee Less

Ney Hay Trolley Display tableImage attachmentImage attachment


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That is sweet

Looks great

Wow. Now that's cool.

Can we get a close up of how you attach the track to the upright?

Looks amazing. And great design. You might have to start your own line of trolley inspired furniture.

That’s KILLER!!

The SHADOWS in your mind have taken form , great exciting work well done

I have a piece of glass waiting.

Very clean....very nice and tastefully done.

Great looking table!!

Looks sweet Clint

Wow! What a statement piece!

as nice as that is, the one you did with the fowler was incredible

I have the Fowler and the glass, I just need to get making on the table.

Very impressive and unique!

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