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4 hours ago

Clint Flack

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Oh wow !!!

Oh wow is right!!


I have to agree...this is flat out incredible

Oh my. Amazing.

Where on earth did you dig those up???

Very nice

Ugh i want one so bad.

Beautiful, and much easier to fit into cabin luggage!

Holy crap... That guys hands are like... 2 ft across!

Very very cool.

Very cool! Would love to see the cdp's for those!


Clint Flack, as you know I can appreciate miniatures like these. incredible to be able to find something like these.

Very, very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every time I see them it’s just amazing

I saw 8 of those one time in an antique store. Someone had made them into a baby mobile for a crib. I think it was $50, with 15% off that day. But i didn't know what they were at the time. And I needed to stop at the bar for beer and a sandwich yet.

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2 days ago

Steve Weeber

Doc Gill at it again !! First time to put a harp together. Rough start, wheel truck on wrong side. Coach got him straightened out. Did great after that. The Ney Harp is simple but very tricky to assemble. Things have to be done in the correct order or you get to start all over. Lol.
Track assembly painting complete.
Wood frame power washed.
Reassemble to start in a few weeks after nails and hardware are bead blasted and painted.
Using a new paint on the track called “oil rubbed bronze” Doc was inspired buy this swim suit advertisement and thought it would be a great paint. He renamed “FLACK in a can”. Lol.
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Wow. The last pic must be the new trolley collector!!!

Oh man ! Thats gonna attract a crowd !

That is an amazing trolley great job

Can’t wait to see the full harp display.

This is going to be a great display all complete...very cool trolley.

Where is the trolley, mam?

That has got to be one of the most beautiful trolleys of all!

I've got the center drop for that !!!!

Sling set, Gary?

I studied her carefully and that paint finish looks flawless!

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