Manufacturer:  Ney

Internal Serial No : NEY33
Nickname : "OUTRIGGER HARP" because of the HARP shape found in the frame.
Type of Trolley : Hay Sling Cross Draft
Type of Hay Slings Set : Interlocking and Hay sling
Diameter of Rope Sheave :
Type of Track : Rail
Markings :
Availability : Hard to find
Value : $$$$
Chassis Tie-off : Yes
Trolley Load Held at Any Height : YES - has break or clutch
Number of Wheels on Top : 4
Number of Lifting Pulleys :
Swivel Capable : No
Capable of Reversible Use : Yes
Type of Material : Iron
Independent Trigger Trip Rope on Chassis : No
Bump Trigger Plate at Chassis Base : No
Notes :
Patent Number :
Patent Date :
Year(s) Manufactured :

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