Hay Tool Collectors’ Association

Who is HTCA?

For well over a decade, the Hay Tool Collectors Association has provided structure and guidance to the growing body of enthusiasts of what is at the heart of hay trolleys and their accoutrement. Within the ranks of its’ membership, one can find a broad spectrum of interests and involvements. Whether a novice or master, the association supports anyone that shows a productive interest in all things hay trolley related. Much good work has been done by the association in developing lasting repositories of knowledge and just plain good fun and comradeship. The current membership is well over 100 in number and represents an international group of all ages and backgrounds. Within its ranks is unquestionably the greatest and most extensive knowledge of trolleys. Collectively, the collection represented by the membership is thousands of trolleys, the very best of the best.

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Members: Here are the latest additions to the site


WOW! NEW! – APPLETON – HOFFMAN – ROWELL – LOUDEN – EAGLE – OBORN – E. L. WALKER – Every trolley ever produced now loaded!

Now You Can Directly Upload A Photo into The Forum Section! See the “Attachment” button when writing/editing your thread

ALL HTCA NEWS LETTERS LOADED AND AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! IMPORTANT – You must sign up for BOTH the Hay Trolley Heaven website AND sign up using the HTCA form (see top tab) for Newsletter downloads!