MASTER 2 MERENOFFIn every field of endeavor there are champions, few would argue that in regard to hay unloaders one of those persons is Mr. Barry Merenoff, AIAE. Over the course of decades, Barry, through great artistic skill and engineering rigor, captured in his detailed drawings all that we have come to know and love about hay unloaders and their accessories. Published in a masterwork collection, Barry sought to capture, catalog, order, and rationalize the broadest possible spectrum of trolley equipment. Those works, published under “The Mechanical Advantage” reference guides stand as the de facto guide for those that collect hay unloaders. Barry and his son, Collin, constantly work at expanding the depth and breadth of hay carriers reference materials. Aside from being utterly beautiful to peruse, the guides provide the fastest, most accessible means to master what is the foundation of successful hay carrier collecting…being knowledgeable! I’ll put it as simply as I can, own each and every one of these guides and you will be best prepared to engage in this field of collecting. Trust me when I say to you that you will be in the best possible company….and converse with them in a way that would make any hay trolley advocate proud!

Hay Trolley Heaven is honored and excited to offer in our shop the ability for any trolley aficionado, newbie or experienced, to get all of Barry’s guides. Each volume is bound in a large diameter ring binding allowing the books to lay flat on any surface. Review the complete available library and the ordering process below.

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Barry Merenoff

  • Born November 3, 1936, Bronx, NY.
  • Early schooling in New York.
  • Attended Art Student’s League of NY to study freehand drawing.
  • Accepted at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor School of Architecture and Design.
  • Bachelor’s in Architecture 1959.
  • Master’s in Architecture 1960.
  • Teaching Fellow in Shades and Shadows at U of M School of Architecture.
  • Taught Drafting at US Army Engineering School, Fort Belvoir, VA.
  • Taught Freehand Drawing at University of Detroit Night School.
  • Licensed Architect in Michigan since 1968. Member of American Institute of Architects. (Maintains license but retired from active practice since 1999.)
  • Thirty years with Harley Ellis of Southfield, MI. Vice President, Director of Planning Services, Assistant Director of Design.

Collin Merenoff

  • Born October 4, 1971, Detroit, MI, of Barry and Judy Merenoff.
  • Diagnosed at Children’s Hospital of Detroit as High Functioning Autistic (also referred to today as Asperger’s Syndrome or Crypto Sensitivity Syndrome).
  • Trained under Special Education Program of Macomb County, MI, where life skills were nurtured while he worked on his special interests in mathematics and computer sciences.
  • Attended Macomb County Community College, Information Technology, Specialty in Programming.
  • Honors for Academic Performance.
  • Received Two Year Certificate.
  • Graduated Summa cum Laude 2000.
  • Skilled in several programming languages.
  • Acted as official tutor in computer programming and related information technology subject for MCCC South and Center Campuses.
  • Interested in advanced mathematics, fractal programming, and quantum theory.

The Collected Works of Barry Merenoff, AIAE

mechnical advantage

  • All sketches are true-to-scale, from originals hand-drawn by Barry N. Merenoff, AIAE
  • 8½ × 11 format; spiral bound to open flat; heavy opaque stock
  • Examples from both the U.S. and Canada in each book
  • All orders to Continental U. S. include free shipping and handling

Reference Books from The Mechanical Advantage

  • The “Resource” Set  (5 Books)   ($300.00)*: roughly 800 pages total; over 1600 valuations; includes over 780 Hay Carriers, their Pulleys, Trips, and reeving, with values; includes Complete Cross-Reference for all five books
    NOTE:  For practical reasons, this latest Book 5 will be the last book in the Resource series. If needed, a new series will begin. Stay tuned.
  • The “Pairing” Set   ($80.00): roughly 400 pages; shows which Pulley(s) goes with which Hay Carrier and Trip; over 500 Hay Carrier pairings
  • The “Field Guide” Book   ($80.00): roughly 280 pages; easy reference for Hay Carriers, Hay Carrier Pulleys, Litter Carriers, Barn Pulleys, and Barn Door Hangers
  • The “Systems” Book   ($80.00): roughly 250 pages; overview of all parts of the Hay Carrier System; includes reeving studies, history, and materials
  • The “Hay Carrier” Set   (3 Books) ($180.00): roughly 750 pages total; detailed sketches of over 450 Hay Carriers; special section on Round Barns and Canadian designs
  • The “Ready Reference” book ($40.00):  a companion to the “Resource” Set, it provides a cross-reference between the Resource books and the other books; the data included has been useful in the identification of “new finds” as well as in general research; 90 pages
  • The Complete Library   (only available via this website, $600.00): all six of the above items (twelve books total)

*For those who have the most recent “Resource” set of 4 books you can purchase the “Resource, Continued (Book 5)” separately, which includes the Complete Cross-Reference for all five books for $60.

To order any of Barry’s books, please download (PDF) and print the Drawings Order Form, fill it out and, along with a check made out for the right amount, please mail it to the address on the form. Shipping is already included in the cost of the books.

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